🌇🌷Good evening🌷🌇 Sonam Kapoor👸, Rhea Kapoor👰 and all my👯 lovely🌸 friends👭👬👫!
Have😊 a pleasant🎀 evening🌇!

Which⁉ picture📷 of our👧👨👩👦 lovely🌸 Sonam Kapoor👸 is the best🎀 according to you👧👨👩👦?

- Love 💕
- xoxo_Vyshnavi 💕
- #Proud sonaholic 💕

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RiYa CuTieLici🍩us
about 3 years


about 3 years

Good evening @VyshnaviPara 😊

Shehryar Ahmed
about 3 years

Good Evening👍👦

about 3 years

good evening
All are Beautiful

about 3 years

good evening..!! darling @VyshnaviPara 😘😘😘😊😊💜💜
ol of dem r NICE...!!! 👌👌👌

Vyshnavi Para
about 3 years

Good evening 🎀
Okay! 😃 @Honeypie

about 3 years

Good evening 🌷
I like all pics😊😃