@Sonam Kapoor - A true FASHIONISTA 👘👗👜👡💄👑💍👝🕶


@Sonam Kapoor #WeWantLiveStream 🙏 🙏

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Dalia M Ahmed
almost 3 years

OMG ...
What Can I Say After All Of These Awesome Words My Dude ..
Actually Am Completely Speechless Now ...
Thank You Is Will Never Be Enough Karan But Am Really Very Very Thankful For Every Amazing Kind Word You Said To Me ..
Actually I'm The Luckiest To Have A Great Friend & A Wonderful Brother Like You..Its An Honor ☺☺☺

I Totally Understand Your Opinion My Friend..You Have The Complete Freedom To Think & Write What You Want ...
I Just Was Discussing My Opinion With You ..
Its Something Amazing To Have Favorites My Dude..I Totally Respect This..Maybe Am Wrong Because I've No Favorites In Anything In My Life..But I Couldn't Change This Because Its My Personality Actually ...
Glad That We Can Share Our Personal Opinions & Point Of View Together..I Love Discussions So Much Really & I Enjoyed This Discussion With You ...
Thank You So Much My Dear Friend ...
#KeepSmilingAlways ☺☺☺

almost 3 years

@Dalia M Ahmed First things first .. u knw i love ur replies... hw cn someone nt like it .. u spend ur time in writing nd v all r lucky to read those beautiful lines.

My dear Egyptian sister not everyone has d same way to explain things .... u r extremely sweet with ur replies but rajan isnt but wasnt rude to u ... trust me no one can be ... cz u r extremely polite .... ur replies changes mood fr good .. so #StayTheWayYouAre

You hv no idea hw much I love nd respect u .. when u aren't available fr few days it hurts ... i specially text u to remind u ... cn never think of fighting wid u .. just like u shared ur opinion I shared mine ... in my previous comment also I've mentioned Deepika has made us all proud as she is recognised internationally. i love her nd others too but no one is close to sonam fr me ... v just differ that I do hv favourites. but I respect every actor and actress

Dalia M Ahmed
almost 3 years

My Dear Friend ☺☺☺
Firstly, Am So So Sorry For My Very Long Comment..
I Didn't Mean At All To Exhaust You..So Forgive Me Please ...

Secondly, You Don't Need To Explain Anything To Me..You're My Friend Karan..You Know How Much I Respect You & Respect Your Way Of Thinking..You're One Of The Most Pure Hearted People I've Ever Met..So Of Course I Didn't Mean That You're Bad Or Anything Like This..I Know You Well..
I Just Wrote My Personal Point Of View..
As I Told You Karan..I've No Favorites In Life..I've No Best Or Favorite That's My Personality..
I Love Them All In The Same Way..I Love Them Without Any Conditions And Without Any Judges..And Am So Proud Of All Of Them As Well..
Its Not A Fight My Dude..Its About Art & Cinema..Art Should Have No Racism..That's My Opinion..
Its Not Fight Between Sonam & Deepika Or Sonam & Katrina Or Anyone Of Them..I Adore Them All & All Of Them Are Incredible..They All Achieve Great Things & We Should Be Proud Of Them..That's All I Meant..

And I'll Repeat To Tell You That You Know How Much I Respect You My Dude ✌✌✌

Dalia M Ahmed
almost 3 years

I Understand Your Point Of View @Rajan 009
I Think That I Wrote My Personal Opinion..Its Totally Mine..I Didn't Meant To Force Anyone To Think Like Me..Its Your Personal Freedom Of Course To Think As You Want & I Respect All Kinds Of Opinions..

Actually I Don't Give Fashion All This Great Kind Of Interest..
As I Said..If You Have A Great Sense Of Fashion Its Something Really Beautiful & Amazing..But Its Totally Additional & Its Not A Way Of Measurement For Me ...
I Don't Look To Sonam Or To Any Other Star As An Only Fashionistas..I Always Look To Them As An Inspirational Icons Who Inspires All Of Us With Their Success..So Fashion A Main Way Of Measurement For Me ...
Of Course I Love Sonam So Much & I Respect Her As A Star & As A Human Being For Sure ...If I Don't Live Her I Wouldn't Came Here..
Respect Your Opinion Of Course..But Am So Sorry To Tell That I Didn't Like The Way That You Are Talking To Me With ...
Actually It Seems That You Didn't Accept My Opinion & You Took It Aggresively ...
And Actually I Was Talking To Karan..
@Rajan 009

almost 3 years

@Rajan 009 very well explained. sorry replying late cz comment of @Dalia M Ahmed ws lengthy nd needed sometime to read nd reply 😂😂😂😂😂

I'm a #ProudSonaholic. love her and love everything abt her ...

@Dalia M Ahmed I never said I hate Deepika or any other actress ... this app is 340 days old nw nd I've 1000 + posts and comments and I hv never posted abt hating any actor / actress ever ... Deepika is criticised fr her fashion sense and der is no denying of fact that she copies not just sonam but everyone.... its her team who decides but its her who picks her team ... well whatever goes wrong d celebrity is criticised not the team cz they r nly praised when its good ... I really like deepika's acting and her career is an example ... she'll be joining sonam to Cannes too and Feels really good when indian celebrity bcm international celebs

Rajan 009
almost 3 years

first line ...


Rajan 009
almost 3 years

@Dalia M Ahmed ....

thanks for your illustrious note....

you will agree that we all @Sonam Kapoor ...... to the hilt ....

and she is not only a wonderful actress but also a true blue fashionista....

and you will again agree that a lot goes into to carry on that tag effortlessly...
and is very easy to simply copy it for own benefits....

it's like you have worked hard / studied hard for full one year and someone simply copies your answer sheet ....

as far as Success is concerned...
it's a subjective matter and the one who copies the other is certainly not successful than the other person

and you will again agree that in this Showbiz .... it's easier if you follow the norms .... you know what i mean ....

lastly, it's good you like everyone... we all do .... but everyone has their priorities in life ...

it's like you like all females... but you marry only one ...


@↪KARAN❤#ProudSonaholic↩ .... you are a true #ProudSonaholic↩


Hamid Khan
almost 3 years

hahahayyy haan karan I Totally agree with you, however n True my mistress had worked hard to achieve her dreams also hehe.. 😄🏃🏃💃👍😍😍👬💗😉

@yourtribes :-)

@↪KARAN❤#ProudSonaholic↩ :-)
@Sonam Kapoor :-)

Dalia M Ahmed
almost 3 years

My Dear Friend Karan ...
Excuse Me But I Think I'm Totally Disagree With You For The First Time ...
I Know How Much You Love Sonam & Of Course We All Love Her So Much..But This Is Doesn't Mean That You Should Talk Badly About Deepika Or About Any Of The Other Actresses Or Stars ..
Honestly, Am Not Obsessed With Fashion At All..Yes I Love It But I Don't Think That Fashion Is The Right Way To Measure People By..That's Not True At All..
Deepika Is A Great Star..She's A Very Talented Actress..Have A Great Successful Film Career & Now She's An International Superstar Too..She Makes Her Country So Proud Of Her..So I Think That Fashion Is Not The Only Measurement For Deepika Or For Any Other Star..
Having A Great Sense Of Fashion Is Someth ing Beautiful But Totally Additional..The Main Way Of Measurement Is Success & Personality..Not Fashion..
If You Remember My Bro I've Told You Before That I've No Favorites In Life..I Don't Believe In The Word Favorite Or The Word Best..Everything In The World & Every Person In The World Have His/Her Special Charm..By Choosing Best & Favorite We Are Judging A Lot Of People In A Very Tough Way..That's My Opinion About Favorite & Best ..
I Love Sonam So Much That's True..But I'm A Very Big Fan Of Priyanka..Deepika..Katrina..Alia..Sonakshi..Parineeti..Vidya ..Aishwarya..Shraddha & All Of Them As Well..
That's What I Mean By " I've No Favorites In Life " ..
So That's Why I Totally Disagree With You In This Post..Because I Really Love Deepika So So Much & I Respect Her..I Think She Achieved A Lot Of Great Things & We Should Be Proud Of Her..
I Don't Tell You That You Don't Have The Right To Choose Favorites Karan..I Didn't Meant That Of Course..
If Sonam Is Your Favorite..Of Course You Can Love Her & We All Here On This App Because We Love Her..But Please Love Her Without Any Racism..That'll Be Really Amazing..
And Btw Karan..Every Actress Have A Team Of Stylists & Fashion Consultants..So If Anything Is Copied Or Any Problem Is Happened Its Not Deepika's Fault Its The Fault Of Her Team I Think..
I Wish That You'll Accept My Opinion Karan..
So Sorry For My Prolongation ...

almost 3 years

seems like someone needs to get a new sense of fashion😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @↪KARAN❤#ProudSonaholic↩

Karan Mariam Tazeen FC
almost 3 years

Not only Deepika, everybody copies Sonam..

❤it's saba the princess ❤
almost 3 years

you are right @↪KARAN❤#ProudSonaholic↩

almost 3 years

hahaha.... TRUE..... 😂😂😂😂

almost 3 years

@Sonam Kapoor ❤❤❤😍😍😍😚😚😚

almost 3 years

@Sonam Kapoor ❤ ❤ ❤