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Don't you guys think we ar wasting our time for this app...when Sonam don't care about his tribe!!!why we are posting pics and all ... #Stop

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iulia vienna
over 2 years

Spandy elf 👌👌👌

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over 2 years

I disagree why will u do some thing like that😟😟

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over 2 years

I agree!

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over 2 years

its the first time shez doing live stream they might be some technical problems, becoz of that u shldnt conclude that she doesnt care abt us, if u dont like the app uninstall it

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over 2 years

no don't say that 😖😖

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over 2 years

no muskan its not like that have patience

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Ahanaf Arafin
over 2 years

i agree...