Be a pineapple🍍,
Be tall🙆,
Wear a crown👑,
And be sweet🌸 on the inside📖.

Good Afternoon😊

👸Sonam Kapoor
👰Rhea Kapoor
👳Anil Kapoor

Good afternoon all my friends😊

I just wanted to share a riddle with you all👇

👉Find out for 4 in the given word :-

Give your answers below in the comments 👇

-Vyshnavi 😊

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Vyshnavi Para
over 3 years

Yeah, you are right @Honey9915

over 3 years

lV..... yippee....I found

over 3 years

good noon

Vyshnavi Para
over 3 years

Good afternoon🌸 @Honey9915
Any guess for the riddle ?😎

over 3 years

good afternoon

Vyshnavi Para
over 3 years

@Yeamin Khan8849
@Shalini Patel
@Gurpreet singh
@Rohit R
@Hayat Patel
@Angel Muskan