Blow😮 out the candles🎂,
Wish away😌,
You👰 are the ANGEL 👼of the day🌄!

@Rhea Kapoor👰

We love💖 you!
Hope you have a wonderful😄 life ahead!
May god bless you with good health 💪and wealth.💱

Happy Birthday😻! (once again)
Have a ROCKING🎻 day ahead!

Good evening😊

👸Sonam Kapoor
👰Rhea Kapoor
👳Anil Kapoor

Good evening all my friends😊

- Love💕💕
- Vyshnavi

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Yeamin Khan
over 3 years

Happy birthday @Rhea Kapoor

Vyshnavi Para
over 3 years

Good evening @Honey9915

over 3 years

good evening