Hey Tribe!!!

It's time for another poll and this time it's about hairstyles!! 

A good hairdo really pulls the whole look together & these are two of my favorites! Vote for yours & send me pictures of your personal favorites 😘😘

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Neerab Waheed
over 2 years


Piyush Jha
almost 3 years

I love u mam

about 3 years

mam your hairs are looks so stunning in every style

about 3 years

More dress more excitement

over 3 years


Ritika Mitra
over 3 years


Bhushan Chetty
over 3 years


WaleeD ZarakzaI
over 3 years

when it's Sonam it's not about look it's about her pure Heart that brings every look look great on her

talha syed
over 3 years

both r best. coz u r gorgeous

over 3 years

1 2 1 best

Sameer Jheels
over 3 years

Both r Awesome Ji

prateek goswami
over 3 years

1st one is the best

azaan mahi
over 3 years

2 is best Sonam mam

Jasmina Abhishek Jariwala
over 3 years

2nd one😘

Alwin Sandhu
over 3 years

That one won by two ✌.

harshita sharma
over 3 years

both r nice hair style.. BT 2 nd one is £ beautiful.. luv u ..

over 3 years

22 I love you

over 3 years

the 2nd one

Vyshnavi Para
over 3 years

2nd @Sonam Kapoor

Muhammad Asghar
over 3 years

one of the best