I used to picture it all negative every time. Thought it all will end up nothing.
When I used to see animals ( especially stray dogs and cats ) being whipped or kicked or spit at, I called it " everyday thing ". When it came to my country and the selfless martyrs, I'd laught it off like 'Hah! These are just some past'! When it came to my life, ' It's a tragic one ' I'd say ( forgetting about those having a life worse than mine )!
But, what odds? I have changed, no? At least a tinsy winsy bit? These are the perfectly written books and films ( specially Bollywood! ) that taught me that I, or in fact anyone, is not to give up. It's " Dawa, the story of a stray dog in Bhutan " that made me admit that animals also deserve comfort. These are the movies such as " Neerja ", " Zindagi na milegi dobara ", " Pink " etc. etc. that encouraged me to be brave enough to tackle peril. These are some specific books that made me love my country and my selfless brothers and sisters! ❤💘💞💝
But yet, there are some individuals who speak out - books are nothing in this generation of technology/ Bollywood films just know how to kill the time! How pathetic! 💔

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