" Beauty is in the way you hold yourself . It's how you treat people . The way you love . It's self acceptance... BEAUTY IS IN YOUR SOUL ... if you think you're anymore of a person because your face is nice ...
You need a reality check ... "

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Evgeny Komzin
over 3 years

Sonam you are the real true love that is given once in a lifetime. People become more kind after your movies. You are the light which comes from your soul. You are the whole world of bright colors. You give people good thoughts, feelings and philosophy of life. Take care of yourself. God bless you and your family. Your movie is like the dialogue with the God! It's the moment of truth. You are the power of beauty over my mind! You give wings to people by your movies!

over 3 years

love this picture

over 3 years

so nice

over 3 years


over 3 years

Shabash 👏👏👏