Hi guys!! I know it's happy and fun here but please don't use this app as a mean to interact and harass girls with constant messages.

My interest in Sonam led me to this app. I'm not here to build friendships with men, please be considerate guys, it wouldn't be ideal to make this another Facebook :) xx

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about 4 years

so wats the problem is here.......if someone wants to interact
with you.......everyone hv right to express his/her feeling if you don't like than you can reject or cancle frnd requst.......but y u cry here...

about 4 years

Yeah, dozens of friend requests as well! Forgot to mention

saniya khan
about 4 years

yah.....I agree

about 4 years

yeah right

iulia vienna
about 4 years

I agree

Jasmine Malhotra
about 4 years

You are right .
Actually some of the people's (men) are sending me friend request that I don't even know . I am only using this app because I am a big fan of Sonam

about 4 years