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it's my brother birthday, but he was died.. may God safe him. Allah yerhamou hbb

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over 2 years

May Allah bless him. 😢😇 he is with God, safe and sound☺

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over 2 years

God bless him😞😞

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over 2 years

God bless him 😢😢

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Divya Divs
over 2 years

god bless him😌😌

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over 2 years

God Bless Him😢

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over 2 years

Allah Bless His Soul Ameen

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over 2 years

really sorry.. god bless him..

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over 2 years

Sorry for him dear.. May his soul rest in Peace..

know that he want you to be happy always.. live upto it.. all the best

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over 2 years

oh so sorry Allah bless his soul

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over 2 years

May Allah bless his soul

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Shahnaz Simon
over 2 years

I'm so sorry God bless him

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over 2 years

mercy be upon him

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Siska EL Humaira
over 2 years

merci beaucoup..

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over 2 years

awwwwhhh may Allah bless his soul and give him a high place in jannah in sha Allah ♡