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Jag Ghoomeya ♡
Am in love with this tune the words are amazing.....
hats off to rahat feteh ali khan :-)

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pratyush m
over 2 years


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Anjali Karmakar
over 2 years

M totally in love with this song ..

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over 2 years

hhahahhaa bhumip cute x

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over 2 years

I was singing that song while scrolling and I found this post of yours. Coincidence?? 😘

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over 2 years

I love it

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over 2 years


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bhavana bhatt
over 2 years

same ...I love it so much &440 volt...both..

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over 2 years

Beautiful lyrics👌

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over 2 years

same Nadia ..I just love it!!!

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Ali khan 007
over 2 years

its amazing songs

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over 2 years

even I love this song very much