Please. I request Hamid to stop posting irrelevant things. I checked some of the translations you post & they are absolutely wrong!
I am saying this infront of everyone, so they know it's wrong & support me ! :)
And guys in my recent post, I asked everyone to pray for my mother, (with all due respect) -- Over there HAMID wrote a small supplication WHICH WE MUSLIMS SAY IF SOMEONE "DIES" -- I don't wanna say anything else.................... PLEASE. Just stop my friend :)

Najah x

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Mehreen Abbas
over 2 years

But the way you have said that "pray for your mother" actually seems like she has passed away??!

over 2 years

Yes hamid, the verse that you wrote is when someone "dies". Just make sure to use it in the right time👍🏽

Hamid Khan
over 2 years

sorry excus me. if i wrong please read this. if u dont like do not read. thanks.

@sonamkapoor: -)

over 2 years


over 2 years

That's wrong😖Hamid