Hello Sonam. I'm truly Sonaholic.If you quiz me anything about you am sure I can answer. I'm just very crazy about you and tell me who isn't ? I've tried a lot to contact you, may it be Instagram,Twitter or Facebook and I even follow all your snaps. I'm a 16 year old and I really started liking you from the movie I hate luv stories. I've watched all of your 14 films till date. And you know what each film just makes me to admire you even more. You're very beautiful, and that's not the reason why I love you. the reason is as a person, you are confident,efficient and well we can say you are just SONAM. I'm very proud writing all this to you and I hope you read it. I'm from Hyderabad, the city which you're no new, I hope the next time you're here, I'd surely meet you. The one thing I LOVE about your films is they are things which we can truly relate to. Like they are like simple stories of 'a girl next door'. I'm just very happy that I'm telling all this to you. I hope you read this.


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