Hi Sonam dii (um..yeah unusual but still).right now I downloaded this amazing app by seeing your insta post (who would not like to talk to you!). I just wanted to express my feeling towards you..hope you read it..

"First of all...you are such an outstanding Personality,actress,and of course a role model right from saawariya to Neerja...!!
No one could have been casted so well as you in Neerja. Thank you for acting in PRDP(one of my favorite movies) and entertaining me and my whole family..and also thank you for making this lovely app n giving your fans another medium for expression to express their feelings..that's it (I have much more to say you but I am ending it up here)" :-)

Thank you!! loved you.. ohh sorry correction.. loving you!! ;-)

-Vedika Sangle, 14 , Pune, India.

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