Let the old year go

The old is going so you must let it go
You must also let go of your ego
Let go of things that make you weak
Let go of things that you do not want to seek
Let go of all your fears of the past
Let go of thoughts of the last
Let go of the life that made you sad
Of everything so bad
Embrace the New Year!

Just try to be as you are

Just try to be more kind next year
Try to smile a little more
Try to be as good as you can
Try that you do not have to pretend
Try to embrace all the happiness
Which you deserve in your life
Try to be at your toes
Even when you need to strive
Try to stay happy all the while
With your smile
Wishing you a lovely year!

It takes you ahead

A new year is a road that takes you ahead
To the destination of your dream
One-step closer to all your wishes
And a step closer to what you realm
New hope in the heart
New aspirations for that perfect start
Wish you have an amazing year,
Happy New Year!


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3 months

Happy new year @pragya5145💛

Benu Kumar
3 months


Benu Kumar
3 months

Happy New year @pragya5145

3 months

@Sonam Kapoor @Rhea Kapoor
have a great year 🌺😘💗