Mango Popsicles Recipe

We are celebrating!! And you are NEVER too old to enjoy popsicles, especially in our crazy Indian summers!
These popsicles are super easy to make (I've always been suspicious of popsicle moulds ordered off the internet, but these came out like a dream!)
Anyone from a toothless baby to a toothless granny can eat them and they have only pure fruit and nothing else inside!
We are celebrating mangoes but you can swap that up for any fresh fruit pulp and also put chunks of fresh fruits in there like strawberries and oranges.
If you're feeling naughty, we wouldn't say no to a dash of prosecco either!
Hey, we are celebrating 3 years of the app after all!! Popsicles for everyone! #3YearsOfAPPiness

1 cup- Chopped mango
1/4 cup -water
1/2 cup- blueberry (fresh or dried)
Chop the mango and keep it in the freezer until frozen.
Once frozen, blend it in a mixer with the rest of the ingredients.
Add blueberries in the moulds and Set it until frozen.
To remove from mould, take out of the freezer for 1 minute before pulling it out.
Eat fast!!

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Radhika Dhanani
about 1 year

it's easy and healthy ....super cool I tried and it's Delicious..

Aashima Chhoker
about 1 year

@chefchinu can u please upload sabudana vada recipe again?? please

Naiya 👑
about 1 year

Great to see a new recipe again!!

❤it's saba the princess ❤
about 1 year

yummm...thanks for the recipe 😋😋😋 @chefchinu

Vikram Walke
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Abdulsalam Tunio
about 1 year

wow Kia ye marely hai fr tu humery morning hugia love you

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