Looking back at moments like these make me feel amazing!
From Filmfare to Chopard Parfums, I couldn't be more grateful for the month that has flown by.

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Not sure new film good Singh
about 1 year

the following link to my

Nikhat Praveen
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Geeta Pegu
about 1 year

beautiful videos

Sam Khan Mohammed
about 1 year

very nice looking mashalla

jayant light
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Jasmeet Kaur Dadwal
about 1 year

Hi sonam
I am. So glad that I downloaded this app and got the chance to know you so up close
I am a model and a makeup artist
The reason I joined this app is because I love you and your style
The way your carry our tradition with such grace yet such simplicity
I am a fan
Thank you for making india proud ❤️

about 1 year

that's been a busy March for @Sonam Kapoor . wish you the same happiness in April and throughout the year 😘💜♥️💗

Harish 007
about 1 year

you mywife sonam

Indranil Mondal
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nice video.

Akshay Asrani
over 1 year

Sonam U R So Beautiful God Bless U

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Will M.
over 1 year

iloveyouuuuu!!! 😍😍😍