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Cannes always makes me feel so good! ❤❤
I don't know if it's the talent, the incredible location or the fashion. I love it all! ✨ 😍
#Throwback #LifeAtCannes
Dressed in Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla
Styled by Rhea Kapoor
Styling Assistants: Chandini Whabi x Meagan Concessio x Vani Malhotra
HMU: Namrata Soni x Dayaruci
📸: The House Of Pixels

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Aratrika Basu
5 months

That smile is really cute....

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5 months


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Somdutt Sonu
5 months

hlo sonam g

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surya jaat
5 months

so beautiful sonam kapoor ahuja
I am your big fan

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Moni Keshri
5 months

i am your fan

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Eman Mirza
6 months

my loviee😍💋

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Pranathi Prasad
6 months

prettiest 😘😘

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Afzaal Ahmad
6 months

You are so beautiful all pics super super suerpb

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Rohana Miller
6 months

pristine angel

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6 months


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6 months


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I.sudheer Kumar
6 months


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Sharadindu Bhattacharya
6 months

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Navya Nambiar
6 months

loooks so cute💞

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6 months

Ur smile😍😍

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Omkar Yadav
6 months


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Ameer Khan1
6 months

We can’t rate this pic

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Bharat Samaliya
6 months


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shalu bhatia666
6 months

You look fab 😍😍😍

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Lax R Goswami
6 months