Hey sonam, we are from group Sonam's fandom! ~ Riya

Says to you... ~ Tanushree

ur the best idol 😍 ~ Saba

you are a great inspiration to us ~ Nishu

u will never be replaced ❤ ~ Jovial

you mean soo much... ~ Tanushree

tbt you always makes us happy ~ Riya

live our day with great one but definitely ♥ ~ Saba

we always support you! ~ Nishu

we ❤ you! congratulations ~ Jovial


S: Tanushree
O: Riya
N: Saba
A: Nishu
M: Jovial

@Sonam Kapoor 👑 Congratulations 😍🎆 For Completing 10 Years In Bollywood 😄❤...

@RiYa CuTieLici🍩us @Tanushree K @❤it's saba the princess ❤ @Nishu Agarwal @jovial

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lover of humsafar 😘RiYa CuTieLici🍩us
over 2 years

can i also in this group 😋😋😋😋😋

Aastha Surana
over 2 years

wow... so awsm😍😍

over 2 years

woww..😍😍the best post ever..😻😻😻@SONAM FANDOM ✨

over 2 years


Mohsin Khan
over 2 years

love u sonam😘😘😘

over 2 years

Thank you Sonaholics
@azi .. 😍
@Sameer Karbhari
Stay tuned for more updates ❤

over 2 years


azi .. 😍
over 2 years

lovely vidio @SONAM FANDOM ✨ I like ur post dear 😄😀😇

over 2 years

thats so cool guys. ....well done

❤it's saba the princess ❤
over 2 years

hope you will notice it and like it. .
you are our love @Sonam Kapoor ♥️♥️♥️♥️💟💟💟💟😘😘😘

RiYa CuTieLici🍩us
over 2 years

@Sonam Kapoor Hope This Time You Like The Video 😞😞 ..

Love you a lot 😘😘 @Sonam Kapoor ❤❤❤❤

over 2 years

yes @Sonam Kapoor ❤❤❤

we love you and hope you like it😍😍😍

Tanushree K
over 2 years

@Sonam Kapoor This is our surprise ma'am 💜 Lots of love 😘